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CoE Establishment

Establishment of Centre of Excellence is a key part of any Institute; School, College or Academy. In the age of innovation and competence, it is a key requirement to showcase academic and research prowess. 

May it be Research and Innovation Centre, Entrepreneurship Centre, Business Incubation, Consultation Hub or STEM Innovation Centre, our associated Experts guide and develop the process for client Institute.



Step 1: Understand SWOT of the Institute 

Step 2: Meeting with Subject Matter Expert

Step 3: Visit by Expert (Consultant) to College Campus, CoE blue print design 

Step 4: Preparation of process, development of policies & structures; Physical & Intellectual systems

Step 5: Establishment of CoE 

Faculty Development Programmes

Young Teacher

Fresher Faculty Development Programs (F2DP)

The quality of teachers and faculty members will decide the quality of the students and thereby the next generation manpower.

The major focus of the Fresher Faculty Development Program (F2DP) will be upgrading the teaching, training and research skills of faculty members - especially those who have recently taken up teaching assignment as their career choice. 

F2DP program enables participants to develop competency in classroom management as well as in developing research-oriented pedagogy for better engagement of students.


Expected Participants Profile:

Faculties/Teachers with 0 - 2 years experience

Science Courses

Tenured Faculty Enrichment Programs (TFEP)

Demand for qualified faculty members over the next few years would be substantial and will become extremely critical to expand the current institutional capacities.

Tenured Faculty Enrichment Programs (TFEP) are short-term, highly specialized faculty enrichment training specific to client institute requirements focused on a particular theme or skill. 

These short courses allow faculty to keep pace with fast-changing learning requirements, especially those who have not had an opportunity to acquaint themselves with recent developments in teaching and research methods. 

Expected Participants Profile:

Tenured Faculties/Teachers with 3+ years of experience

Young Teacher

School Teacher Training Programs (STTP)

Traditional pedagogical techniques, based on a teacher explaining a topic and students taking notes, may still be useful on occasion, but education today revolves more around encouraging the student to awaken their curiosity and desire to learn.

STTP focuses on training the Teachers who build the future of young minds with the following areas;

1. Flipped Classroom (Inverting your class)

2. Design Thinking (Case Method)

3. Mind Mapping and Curiosity Learning


4. Gamification and Spiralling Technique


5. Buzz Group, Brain Storming, & Role Plays


6. Visualization and Inquiry-Based Learning

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