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Psychometric Assessments & Counselling for Transformation (PACTS)

The PACT services is an extended part of WINGS center at institutions and perform 3 major tasks;

  • FREE Psychometric Assessments and Career Counselling

  • Placement Training Support along with Placement Support where possible

  • Supporting Institutions in keeping the Mental Health of students a priority

Our WIN Leaders; Dr. Francisca Tej and Dr. Guru Tej are qualified psychometricians and have counseled 1000s of students to date. A team of psychologists and psychology student interns work with them to give FREE psychometric assessment administration and counseling for students and parents.


PACT service is a desk associated with the WINGS center and is free of cost for all students who need career counseling support and guidance.


Key points about the PACT:

  • The PACT services are for students and their parents of the institution

  • Services will be offered on a visitation basis by the psychology interns and counselors working at WIN

  • Senior psychologists are invited when the requirements arise depending on a case-to-case basis

  • The records of discussions and details in the PACT center would be kept confidential and secure

  • No records can be disclosed unless there is a medical or security angle that needs to be involved

  • Such records shall ONLY be shared with the relevant authorities where concerns to be shared

Requirements to Set up WINGS Center

  • A part of the section in WINGS center with good visibility for ease of student access

  • A records closet with appropriate security locks, a sofa set, 3-4 bean bags, and a small coffee table

  • A co-branded signboard outside the WINGS center detailing the PACT services for students

  • A co-branded hoarding of PACT at the institution premises visible to the public detailing PACT services

  • Support by institution to do co-branded promotions in local media and among students parents

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