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About WiZdom

Know about WiZdom team, coaching & mentoring services, and what we do for our students!

Everything we do at WiZdom is for the well-being of Students.

About 47 Companies and more than 1000+ candidates attended and made it a success. 

Job Fair - 2024

Wellness Program - 2023

Everything we do at WiZdom is for the well-being of our Students.

FREE Medical Tests for the Students; Blood, Dental, Eye, and Nutrition Tests conducted on 12th August 2023 

Going Global Meet - June 2023

Sendoff Meet for students of WiZdom held on June 18, 2023.

Student Success Meet - August 2022

Sendoff Meet for students of WiZdom held on August 27, 2022.

Dr. Francisca & Dr. GuruTej
Founders - WiZdom Ed.

The founders of WiZdom Ed talk about their journey and establishment of their brain child WiZdom Ed.

Everything about WiZdom...

What our students say

WiZdom wows its existence to the amazing students who come, nurture, and make their career destinations through WiZdom. 

Decoding Human Resources

Dr. Francisca & Dr. GuruTej

Panel Presentation by Dr. Francisca Dr. Guru Tej at e-Conference organized by Mangalore University on 24 July 2021.

All you need about IELTS

Dr. Francisca & Dr. GuruTej

Complete session on everything one need to know when wanting to attempt IELTS Test.

FREE Education in Germany

Dr. Francisca & Dr. GuruTej

Webinar on how to explore the opportunity FREE Education in Germany.

Opportunities across the Globe

Dr. Francisca & Dr. Guru Tej

Detailed discussion about what matters for students to explore global opportunities through education in international universities.

Why Global Education

Dr. Francisca & Dr. GuruTej 

A wide-ranging discussion about why Global Education for holistic growth in children with CA SS Nayak.

Education Excellence Awards - 2022

Abihjnya WiZdom Education Excellence Awards - 2022 was organized to honor the excellence in the academic fraternity on 5th September 2022 on the occasion of  Teachers Day celebrations. 66 outstanding leaders in education were awarded and honored at Ocean Pearl Mangalore.


An insight into all the activities we provide at WiZdom for our students.

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