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WiN Incubation for Nurturing & Guiding Student-Startups (WINGS)

To know more in detail about WINGS

The WINGS center at institutions performs 4 major tasks;

  • Student Entrepreneurship Mentoring

  • FREE Incubation Center Management in Institutions

  • Seed Funding Support for Promising Ideas

  • Introduce Student Start-ups to the Market

With the access to corporates like no other, people behind WINGS initiative are well connected to the corporate leaders, international investors, venture capitalists and CSR departments at large corporations. The WINGS center will play a major role in encouraging and supporting novel ideas of the students to make it a reality.

WHY WINGS Center at your Institute

WINGS center is a place that helps student entrepreneurs to develop their businesses and solve problems. Institutions can have incubation centers for a variety of reasons, including:

Supporting Students and Alumni

WINGS will provide a variety of resources and services to help students and alumni develop their ideas, refine their business plans, and launch their ventures.


Corporate Training for Student Start-up Ideas

WINGS team will be arranging regular corporate workshops that support students in establishing their start-ups.


Nurturing Start-ups and Seed Funding

WINGS team keeps start-ups in a nurturing environment for a few months to a year until they can shape their business and grow to adjust to the outside environment.


Developing Innovative Ideas

WINGS-associated start-ups help develop innovative ideas to take care of societal needs. Institutions hosting these centers get the credit and respect for these innovations.


Benefits for Accreditations

WINGS will not only kindle start-up mindset among students but also such Initiatives at the Institution will help while applying for NAAC and NBA accreditations.

Requirements to Set up WINGS Center

  • One room of a 20X20 size or a classroom size facility within the premises in a well-visible area

  • Basic infrastructural support like partitions, records closet, desks, and chairs that fit the Institution's budget

  • A co-branded signboard outside the WINGS center detailing the WINGS services

  • A co-branded hoarding of WINGS at the institution premises visible to public detailing WINGS services

  • Support by Institutions to do co-branded promotions in local media and among students

  • One active student volunteer who would work with the WINGS team as coordinator for the center. This will be a paid part-time profile with the designation of “Student CEO”

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